Minister Masagos Zulkifli concerned over crowds at beaches

Singapore – Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli shared his concerns on Facebook (July 21) about rising complacency with regard to Covid-19, reflective of the large number of crowds at beaches over the weekends.
In the post, he pointed out that beaches at East Coast Park and Sentosa were extremely overcrowded over the last weekend, with groups of more than 10 people congregating. Mr Zulkifli also shared that there was a substantial number of people who did not wear their masks, who gave the excuse that they were eating or drinking when reminded to do so.
In response, the Minister warned: “We will be stepping up our enforcement. This week, 18 people will be charged in court for gathering at a place of residence for social reasons during the Circuit Breaker. Another 10 individuals will be charged in court for holding a social gathering at a fitness corner with portable tables and chairs, and bottles of liquor in Phase 2. These actions are not acceptable, and a clear violation of the safe distancing measures. We take such breaches seriously because they can potentially lead to the formation of large clusters.”
He reiterated the guidelines given by the government in managing the Covid-19 spread in Singapore, such as ensuring that masks are worn at all times (with the exception of when eating, drinking and exercising), keeping to groups with no more than five people and social distancing. Mr Zulkifli also reminded readers to facilitate contact tracing by scanning SafeEntry QR codes at public spaces.
Netizens have also shared on the post that they have witnessed large groups of people congregating at other public spaces such as badminton courts and the nature reserves like at MacRitchie and Bukit Timah.
Many have commented that they too agree that stricter rules should be implemented and enforcement to be stepped up such as closing beaches completely. There have also been more calls for greater power to be bestowed on Safe Distancing Ambassadors and Enforcement Officers.
As of July 21, Singapore has had a total of 48,434 Covid-19 cases. 3,823 of the cases are active ones. -/TISG